Liam Reynolds
Name: Liam Reynolds
Nationality: Welsh
Date of Birth: 24/05/1990
Height: 6' 03" (190 cm)
Previous Clubs: Croeserw United
Abercregan Refresh
Caerau Boys Club
Position: Defender

At the age of 16, Liam Reynolds first started playing senior football for Croeserw United Reserves before finding himself in the first team as the youngest player in the first 16, where he played right back. In 2008, Liam transfered from Croeserw United to Abercregan Refresh, where he got swiched to left back. He managed to gain promotion with the club and win the Port Talbot & District Division 1 Cup. In 2009, Liam tried his luck in the Bridgend & District League buy injury forced him to rest for the season. 2010 saw Liam join Croeserw Athletic and gain promotion once again to Port Talbot & District Premier League. 

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