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The company has 30 production facilities in Europe, the US, China and India and over 7,200 employees worldwide. Gamesa is also a world leader in the development, construction and sale of wind farms, having installed over 4,100 MW and having a portfolio of more than 22,600 MW in Europe, America and Asia. The annual equivalent of the 21,000 MW installed amounts to more than 5 million tons of petroleum (TEP) per year and prevents the emission into the atmosphere of about 31 million tonner of COper year.

In 2010, Gamesa's consolidated revenues amounted to more than 2,764 million euro and the net profit was 50 million euro. International markets accounted for almost 93% of whole sales.

Gamesa is listed on the Ibex 35 and forms part of Dow Jones Sustainability, FTSE4Good and Ethibel sustainability indexes.

Integrated response presence in all phases of a wind project

The presence of Gamesa in the wind sector is comprehensive, covering all stages of developing a wind project, through the following segments:

Gamesa is a pioneer in the design, manufacture and installation of wind turbines, and it ranks among the world leaders in the market, having installed 20,834 MW through 2010. With manufacturing facilities in Europe, the US, Asia (China and India) and Brazil, the company is focusing on expanding in target countries, in line with market growth in target countries or in partnership with its main customers. Gamesa is also expanding production capacity in growth areas and continuously improving the reliability, efficiency and availability of its portfolio of products and services, both present and future, enabling it to reduce CoE for customers by 20% in the next three years and by 30% by 2015.

In addition to its renewable energy manufacturing activities, since 1995 Gamesa has also developed wind farms, enabling it to leverage its expertise in the areas of development, construction and sales. At the end of 2010, Gamesa had more than 170 operational wind farms worldwide, with a total installed capacity of more than 4,100 MW, plus a portfolio of 22,660 MW in various stages of development in Europe, America and Asia.

Gamesa's end-to-end offering in the wind turbine manufacturing business is evident in the comprehensive range of operation and maintenance services provided by over 2,500 highly-qualified professionals equipped to respond to the need for optimal availability and returns on more than 13,600 MW under maintenance for over 130 clients. Gamesa plans to expand steadily in this market, which adds value to the core business and provides recurring revenues, the goal being to double the size of this area to 24,000 MW under O&M in the next three years.

In the search for new business opportunities and energy solutions that will contribute to sustainable growth in the medium and long term, Gamesa is also developing and analysing new technologies and markets as a means of diversifying its activities with the goal of identifying and investing in innovative companies in the areas of renewable energy, energy efficiency and integration of energies into the electricity grid.

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