Kyle Bowen
Name: Kyle Bowen
Nationality: Welsh
Date of Birth: 25/08/1986
Height: 6' 02" (186 cm)
Previous Clubs: Croeserw United
Abercregan Refresh
Position: Defender

Kyle Bowen was one of the original founding players of Croeserw United in 2010. He first found his way into football at a very young age with Glyncorrwg Swifts in the Afan Valley. He gave up the sport for a number of years before signing for Croeserw United in 2005. He started senior life football as a Defender but has also played as a Goalkeeper & Striker. He left Croeserw United in 2008 and signed for Abercregan Refresh, winning promotion to the Port Talbot Premier League, & winning the Port Talbot & District Division 1 Open Cup. After Abercregan Refresh folded, he signed back at Croeserw United, before leaving them in 2010, to start a fresh new chapter with Croeserw Athletic.

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